Past and present

OÜ Fenar was first established in November 1992 as a stock company. Since then a little wholesale store with 6 workers has developed into a distributor company employing almost 40 people. In the beginning we ran business mainly with clients that traded in Tallinn, but now we service a lot of retailers all over the country.
OÜ Fenar tries to satisfy clients with average purse. Regular market studies show that the greatest demand in Estonia comes for goods that are sold at affordable prices.

Our choice of products is spectacularly wide and permanently updated. Large supermarkets and small shops from all over Estonia would find necessary goods for any purpose and every season in our warehouses.

Fenar considers clients' feedback to be extremely important, upon which we plan deliveries for upcoming seasons.

We have a large share of seasonal goods that can be ordered in wide diversity in advance by any season - St. Valentine Day, spring holidays or Christmas.
Our regular clients enjoy additional privileges and advantages. This helps to build close relations and to obtain mutual benefit.

For ladies, we can offer anything that could help in housekeeping: beautiful kitchen tools, ironing and tidying accessories, cleaners. Man folk would find tools and accessories for household, car and office. At competitive prices, we offer a wide range of instruments, electronic appliances and repair tools even for demanding clients. Each product has a guarantee and a manual in Estonian language.

Our range of leisure goods is really impressive. The demonstration room is full of footwear, sportswear, rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, beach accessories and sporting goods. For cottages and gardens we offer barbecues, furniture and many other various accessories.

We draw special attention to children whose everyday life is game. Dolls, model cars, toy animals and inflatable toys - that is a brief list of what we offer for the little ones. Developing games and school goods are available for grown-up children.

Discover the world of FENAR! Our two spacious demonstration rooms are full of goods your customer could buy.

Come to visit us at Kesk-Sõjamäe 1